• Build community!

  • Speak out against deportation of immigrants!

  • Walk, Run, Eat, Rock the Balut!

  • Pass the IL Domestic Workers Bill of Rights!

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Mission: To build the capacity of the Filipino American community of Chicago to affect transformative social change through grassroots education, action, research, and services.

We believe in the People Power at the community level. When we join our voices and our hands to uphold justice, promote social change, and build our community, we are empowered to do more. We engage people to make democracy work for the greater good of the greater number.

            “Go to the people. Live with them. Learn from them.  Love them.  Start with what they know.  Build with what they have.  But with the best leaders when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say, “We have done this ourselves.”                                     Lao Tzu


Grassroots Education

Know your community:  We seek to gather and integrate the collective experience (karanasan) of Filipino Americans, in its rich diversity and depth.

  • GEARS (Grassroots Education, Action, Research, Services) Community Leadership program
  • Gabayan (Guide) – Mentoring and educational program that promotes immigration integration.

Civic Reflection:  We want to reflect (kamulatan) on our collective experience so that we may nourish a healthy community with an enriched civic life, where giving, serving, associating, and leading are commonplace.

  • Usap-usapan – (Civic Reflection*- broadly defined means reflecting on our civic actions, values and commitments.)


Know your rights:  We are informed and guided by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (karapatan) and by the Bill of Rights of the United States. We seek to honor and live them. We will support and protect those whose rights are being violated.

  • Filipino Social Justice Forums
  • May 1st Workers’ Rights March
  • Illinois Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Civic Engagement: We believe that grassroots people are bonded in civil society to share civic responsibilities and benefits. Using the knowledge of our community and collective reflecting on issues that impact us, we will participate and engage in social movements (kilusan) that strengthen our political voice in local and national politics.


To build the capacity of the community to effect constructive social change, we will be vigilant in investigating and assessing the ongoing social, economic, cultural, educational and political life of the community. We will keep our nose and ears to the ground and document with facts and figures where and how the community is and which challenges to address.


We believe in serving the community. Nothing could be more fulfilling for AFIRE than creating and sustaining a community that truly takes care of one another and promotes the broadest common welfare for all.

  • Citizenship assistance/referrals
  • CommunityHOPE( Health Outreach Promotion Education)
  • Pro Bono Legal Services