Acie Juco Roxas
Community Organizer  

Acie Roxas left their retail business management career in the Fall of 2016 in search of social justice non-profit work. Inspired by racial justice and LGBTQ & women’s rights, Acie began volunteering as a grassroots organizer, educating Filipino/a/x American youth by connecting Philippine history to the effects of the diaspora in Chicago. Through this work, they have embraced an intersectional perspective that is grounded on all generations of the Filipino/a/x community.  Acie’s collective and community-centric motivation is fueled by the stories and experiences that many share with them everyday. As Community Organizer, they aim to build and expand AFIRE’s membership through relationship building, utilizing educational tools and coaching our membership’s rising leaders to amplify the voice of our community. Aside from their passions in organizing, Acie enjoys writing poetry, playing ukulele, and painting.

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