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Pro Bono Legal Clinics

Free private consultations with specialized attorneys for low-income families.  In partnership with attorneys and other non-profits such as the Community Activism Law Alliance (CALA) and the Filipino American Lawyers Association (FALA), AFIRE provides the following legal clinics:

  • Immigration Law

  • Employment Law

  • Civil Law


Citizenship Assistance

With our partners at Erie House and Palenque LSNA, we are able to provide low-cost application assistance for low-income immigrants in the Illinois. Quarterly clinics are held throughout the Chicago area with the assistance of licensed attorneys and volunteers.


Workforce Empowerment 

We work with low-income Filipinx/a/os to provide certified First Aid/CPR training, contract templates, and a support network of other workers. We aim to cover the basics of incorporating First Aid/CPR in case of an emergency and practice with a certified instructor. Training includes a two-year certification from the American Heart Association.


Tagalog 101 (Post-poned)

One of our most popular programs is Tagalog 101. Topics include grammar, vocabulary, conversational phrases, and social and cultural issues that impact the community. Classes run weekly for 10 sessions total. Tagalog 101 programming is held during the Fall and Spring. 

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Mental Health

A new project to provide young people the tools to examine their Filipino identity and create resources for themselves and the community at large. Supported with a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.

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For more information about our programs, please call us at (773)580-1025 or email us at

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