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AFIRE Welcomes Over 100 at Open House for a Night of Solidarity



On November 16, AFIRE hosted an Open House to celebrate its transition to the Rizal Center. But, in the wake of election results, AFIRE made it a priority to instead utilize their space for an evening of solidarity and community care, welcoming that night over 100 guests to its home seeking to reflect, share, and encourage one another during this time of political and social conflict. Amidst the conversations, and over an array of potluck dishes, the Open House was buzzing with positive energy, testimonials, and inspiring talks of plans for the future.

“It was truly a memorable night, one that brought together many different members of our community. The energy was absolutely contagious and revitalizing. From families, to old school organizers, we are reminded of why it is important that we continue advocating and fighting for the rights of our people,” says Michael Aguhar, Executive Director of AFIRE. “AFIRE is a resource that is here to serve the community. We welcome all to our doors if ever they are in need of help or wanting to get involved with the work we do.”

AFIRE is thankful of the support demonstrated by community and encourages contributions going forward that will help AFIRE continue to provide its services, programs, and resources. If you are interested in becoming a member of AFIRE, please contact AFIRE by emailing them at Other contributions may be made as donations to AFIRE, to fund the fight for immigrant and workers rights. To donate, please visit

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