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AFIRE Continues Post-Election Support through Pro Bono Legal Consultation



As a new presidential administration approaches, fear and hopelessness continue to rise among marginalized people of color. Many within the Filipino immigrant and working class community seek answers to what a future under President-elect Trump might mean for them and their families. AFIRE extends its support by offering pro-bono legal consultations, covering an array of concerns such as citizenship, family petitions, and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).. The service is offered by AFIRE’s Board President Attorney Roy John C. Basa, Jr.

"After the elections, I received a lot of phone calls from the community asking what will happen under the incoming administration. They fear for themselves, their families and their pending petitions,” says Attorney Roy John C. Basa, Jr. “While there are those who can afford to consult Immigration attorneys, it is important for the community to have this alternative, a place where they can ask immigration questions for free and in a safe environment, and they will be advised of their options.”

Pro bono legal consultations are hosted once every month, with the next available scheduling being January 28, 2017. If you are interested in utilizing this resource and opportunity, please contact Tess via email or by phone at 773-580-1025 for all inquiries and scheduling.

Press Release Contact:

Michael Aguhar

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