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AFIRE Provides the Filipino Domestic Worker Community with CPR/First Aid Certification



On Saturday, July 22nd, the Red Cross and AFIRE held a CPR/First Aid Training course to equip AFIRE members with CPR/First Aid certification. Having this certification for domestic workers and AFIRE members is significant because in cases of emergencies, these individuals have the opportunity to save lives in their occupations, whether that be as caregivers, home care aides, nannies, etc.

“Specifically, we want to equip these individuals with a skill set that will assist with their own professional development in the workforce. Personally seeing these individuals work hard and be proud about the knowledge they have attained in this CPR/First Aid Training is amazing because they are prepared to make a positive impact through their work,” says AFIRE’s Health Program Coordinator, Imee Ignacio. AFIRE welcomed over 20 participants for the training, a majority identifying as caregivers, domestic workers, and nannies in the Filipino community.

“This is my second time participating in this training, and I am happy that AFIRE offers this for our community. As a caregiver, this has really helped me in my work and can help us [Filipinos] continue to provide care confidently,” says AFIRE member and caregiver, Norie Argayoso. “ Not all caregivers have this certification but I hope more will see this opportunity and know it will help them find better jobs and pay.”

Along with AFIRE’s other programs, health education and workforce development is intended to empower the Filipino community as an opportunity to build confidence in their jobs and to strengthen relationships between domestic workers in the Filipino community towards collective action for the implementation of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Law. Through health education, AFIRE also hopes to participants will become spokespeople for health and wellness in the Filipino community, and continue to address the needs of the domestic workers and immigrants alike. For more information about AFIRE's programs, please contact by phone at 773-580-1025 or email at

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