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Call to Action! AFIRE Condemns President’s Cancellation of DACA

For Immediate Release

September 5, 2017

Call to Action! AFIRE Condemns President’s Cancellation of DACA

(Chicago, IL) - The Trump Administration today rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. In 2012, immigrant communities organized and advocated for protections from deportation and eventually won the DACA program for select young people brought to the U.S. as children. Since then, nearly 800,000 people, including thousands of Filipinx immigrants have successfully applied to the program, received protection from deportation, and gained opportunities for employment and education. Today’s announcement endangers the safety of those people and their families.

People who are directly affected by the announcement are encouraged to text “DACA” to 630-524-4106 to receive a list of low-cost legal providers who can answer immigration related questions. Filipinx community members can also call AFIRE at (773) 580-1025 to schedule a pro bono consultation with AFIRE Board President Attorney Roy John Basa, Jr.

AFIRE calls upon our community to TAKE ACTION with the following steps below from ICIRR. AFIRE remains committed to building the capacity of the Filipino/a/x community to fight for justice. We will stand with our most impacted community members and work in solidarity to end racist and xenophobic attacks on our people.

Take Action Now!

Join the Protection for All Press Conference September 5 at 5:30pm at Federal Plaza: 230 S. Dearborn St. Chicago, IL 60603


2. Call U.S. Senators from Illinois and say:

“I am an Illinois resident and I want you to support a permanent solution to immediately protect all undocumented individuals from deportation, including but not exclusive to DACA recipients, and provides a path to permanent legal status without increased enforcement.”

Call Senators Durbin and Duckworth:

Senator Durbin: 202-224-2152

Senator Duckworth: 202-224-2854

3. Call your U.S. Representative:

i. Go to to find your Representative based on your address

ii. Call (202) 224-3121 to be connected to your representative or senators based on your zip code. Note: you may be provided with more than one representative based on your zip code. If you do not know your congressperson, please wait to speak to the operator for assistance.

3. Call House Speaker Paul Ryan:

i. Call 202-225-0600 and tell him that Congress needs to pass a permanent solution to immediately protect all undocumented individuals including but not exclusive to DACA recipients from deportation and provides a path to permanent legal status without increased enforcement.

4. Stay tuned via email, and Facebook for next steps and actions you can take

5. Please DONATE NOW to support our efforts to fight back. CLICK HERE to pledge your support with AFIRE.

Resources from ICIRR:

  • Call the Family Support Hotline 1-855-Help-My-Family for a list of resources and support

  • Go to or (Spanish) for a list of resources

  • Go to for list of mental health resources

  • Sign up for the most up to the minute updates and actions at

6. Stay Informed! Details of today’s announcement:

  • New initial DACA applications will not be accepted (or received) AFTER September 5th. You must have applied and your application must have been received by September 5th to be considered for DACA as a new applicant. Any new initial applications not received by September 5th will not be considered (even if it is postmarked today). Text “DACA” to 630-524-4106 for a list of low cost legal service providers.

  • If your DACA work permit expires before March 5, 2018, and you want to renew, DHS must receive your renewal application before October 5th, 2017. Applications will not be accepted after October 5th. [Info from USCIS on how to renew a DACA application. (Applicable only through October 5th)]

  • If your DACA work permit expires after March 5, 2018, you will not be able to apply to renew. Please consult an attorney to review your options.

  • If you are outside the country with advance parole, make sure to return right away and while your advance parole and EAD are valid. DHS has stated that it will generally honor previously granted advance paroles, but that it retains the authority to revoke or terminate an approved advance parole. The safest route is to return as soon as possible.

  • If you have been granted advance parole under DACA but have not yet left the United States, speak with an attorney to determine potential risks before doing anything.

  • As of today (September 5th), DHS is NOT granting any new applications for advance parole even if your DACA is still valid.

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