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How are we envisioning our new membership structure?

Imagine a plant's shoot system. This is how the plant photosynthesizes and reproduces.

  • Soil

  • Stem

  • Leaves

  • Flowers

  • Fruits/Seeds


(Image of an elderflower and elderberry branch;

of the Sambucus genus in the family Adoxaceae.)

Membership Model

Soil [Fiscal Foundation]

How do we uplift the work and ensure the safety and success of all involved?


  • You are a sponsor, donor, and/or funder

  • Community partners and collaborators

Stem [Volunteers]

What is a low-lift way to show your support?

  • You are a supportive community member

  • You begin to attend AFIRE events

  • You offer to volunteer

  • Make a donation

Leaf/Foliage [Community Engagement]

How do you see yourself in the work?

  • You continue to show up at AFIRE events

  • You continue to volunteer

  • You show interest in becoming more involved with AFIRE

  • You show interest in becoming a member

Flowers [Members]

How do you provide direction to your movement?

  • You attend a Membership Orientation

  • You participate in a 1:1 with an AFIRE staff to activate your member duties

  • Opportunities to facilitate Membership Orientation for new members

  • Opportunities to table with staff at events

  • Provide support for volunteer and community outreach

  • Priority invitation for special events

Fruits/Seeds [Member Leaders]

How can you build your power as a community leader?

  • You attend a Leadership Training

  • You participate in a 1:1 with an AFIRE staff to reflect your leadership experience

  • Opportunities to facilitate Membership Orientations, Leadership Trainings, and Komite (cohort) Meetings with new members

  • Opportunities to explore leadership roles based on self-interest, skills, or specialty

  • Introduction to Healing Justice organizing

All roles have a responsibility to uplift outreach in the community; move in alignment with organizational values; and embrace the multiple truths, complexities, and nuances of the nonprofit industry.

Last updated: May 18, 2023

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