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How are we envisioning our new membership structure?

Imagine a plant's shoot system. This is how the plant photosynthesizes and reproduces.

  • Soil

  • Stem

  • Leaves

  • Flowers

  • Fruits/Seeds

Membership Model

Soil [Fiscal Foundation]

How do we uplift the work and ensure the safety and success of all involved?


  • Sponsors, donors, and funders

  • Community partners and collaborators

Stem [Community]

What is a low-lift way to show your support?

  • Attend General Meetings

  • Attend social events

  • Make a donation

  • Volunteer

Leaf/Foliage [Members]

How do you see yourself in the work?

  • Attend General Meetings and/or Membership Meetings

  • Attend social events

  • Become a Member

  • Fiscal support (member dues)

  • Participate in workshops

  • Volunteer

Flowers [Core Membership]

How do you provide direction to your involvement?

  • Attend Membership Meetings and/or Cohort/Komite Meetings

  • Attend Org Retreats

  • Attend social events

  • Leadership development and training

  • Participate in workshops

  • Tabling with staff (regularly or at events)

  • Volunteer

Fruits/Seeds [Kapwa Network & Community Navigators]

How do we practice accountability within our communities? How do we grow towards accessibility?

  • Attend General/Membership/Cohort Meetings

  • Attend Org Retreats

  • Attend social events

  • Participate in and/or facilitate workshops

  • Build solidarity with organizers from other organizations

  • Further storytelling development, advocacy, and outreach

  • Volunteer

All roles have a responsibility to uplift outreach in the community; move in alignment with organizational values; and embrace the multiple truths, complexities, and nuances of the nonprofit industry.

Last updated: December 8, 2022

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