How are we envisioning our new leadership structure?

Imagine a plant's shoot system. This is how the plant photosynthesizes and reproduces.

  • Soil

  • Stem

  • Leaves

  • Flowers

  • Fruits/Seeds

Structure Breakdown

Soil [Community]

How do you step in?

  • Support and collaboration

  • Volunteers

Stem [General Membership]

How do you show your support?

  • Financial support (sponsors, donors, due-paying members)

  • Visible support and advocacy for AFIRE's work

  • Invitation to storytelling

  • Grassroots

Leaf/Foliage [Baby Organizers]

How do you make a stand? How do you see yourself in the work?

  • Occasional support (seasonal, capacity check)

  • Network and connect with other organizations

  • Community outreach

Flowers [Core Membership: Kapwa Network & Community Navigator]

How do we be intentional about our relationships? How do we practice interpersonal accountability and sustainability? How do we grow towards accessibility?

  • Consistent support and action (tabling, more public-facing)

  • Further storyteller development, advocacy, and outreach

Fruits/Seeds [Community Organizer]

How do we organize our strategy? How do we take action?

  • Opportunity to participate in organizer workshops and trainings

  • Lead actions and mobilizations

  • Potential to facilitate workshops

  • Visible representatives of the organization

All roles have a responsibility to uplift outreach in the community; move in alignment with organizational values; and embrace the multiple truths, complexities, and nuances of the nonprofit industry.