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AFIRE is a grassroots community organization that works to build the capacity of Filipinx/a/os ​to​ ​organize on issues of social, racial, and economic justice that affect undocumented​ ​immigrants, domestic workers, seniors, and youth.


We believe in anchoring our work in the Filipinx/a/o principles of ​​bayanihan (communal unity and cooperation), ​​kapitbahayan (neighborhood care), and ​​damayan (mutual aid).

​We believe in creating programs ​that are ​grounded in popular education​, and addressing issues through an intersectional lens​ to deepen our understanding of the unique experiences of ​our ​community. ​

We believe in ​maintaining diverse spaces for civic reflection that ​cultivate ​collective action and a shared vision for systems change​.​

We believe in supporting the leadership of people most affected by structural injustices, so they can lead movements toward freedom and liberation for all people.

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