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Building Filipino Immigrant and Domestic Worker Power



In October, during Filipino American History Month, AFIRE Chicago launched a membership drive to build its base of domestic workers and advocates for immigrant and workers rights. AFIRE hosted two Usap-Usapan dialogues to discuss the main provisions of the recently passed Illinois Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights (ILDWBOR) and to highlight the importance of Filipinos coming together to support one another.

“Filipino community members feel excited that there is now a law that protects their rights, but they are also worried about how this law will effectively be enforced and how it serves the undocumented immigrant community, ” says Michael Aguhar, Executive Director of AFIRE. “But we are here, as we always have been, to fight for and alongside those most marginalized in our community. If we as Filipinos don’t take care of each other, who else will?”

In the weeks leading up to election, AFIRE made phone calls, talked to community members at local Filipino business, and held dialogues in an effort to raise awareness for immigrant worker rights and to increase Filipino voter participation. With the election over, AFIRE reaffirms their commitment to continue the fight for domestic workers and immigrant rights at both a local and national level.

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