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Vangie Lavado (she/her)

NAI Outreach Coordinator

I am a single mother of four due to my husband’s early demise, and am proud to have been able to not only provide my children with the care they needed, but a college education as well. In the Philippines, I was a high school teacher and guidance counselor from a catholic school. I was involved with the campus choir during the Holy mass sponsored by the school, as well as an active Girl Scout Leader and chaperon for students at camp events. Here in Chicago, I was lucky to find friends who are involved in the church. At present, I’m an active member of Mather’s Café Senior’s Choir, performing in different homes for seniors, singing songs of the 40’s, 50’s and so on. After 40 years of widowhood, I found Bill, my husband, who shares my love for music.

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